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2011 Photography Contest Photos

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Agriculture and Conservation Category - 13 and under

Baylee Steed - 1st Place

"Country Life"
Morgan Morris - 2nd Place



Agriculture and Conservation Category - 14-17 year-old

"Sweet Dreams"
Gabe Brogdon - 1st Place

"Take You for a Ride"
Jordan Harrison - 2nd Place


"Amish Stocker Operation"
Gibson Priest - 3rd Place

Agriculture and Conservation Category - 18-21 year-old

"The Bulls of Fall"
Johnathan Wells - 1st Place

"Strutin' his Stuff"
Cole Brogdon - 2nd Place

"Peaceful Serenity"
Adam Wall - 3rd Place


Agriculture and Conservation Category - 21 and up

"A Walk to Remember"
Sheby Corbett - 1st Place

"Planting a Sweet Future"
Cindy Morris - 2nd Place

Christy Bryan - 3rd place

Funny Category - 13 and under

"Trading Places"
Morgan Morris - 1st Place

"What did they put in that feed"
Joel Noels - 2nd Place

Baylee Steed - 3rd Place

Funny Category - 14-17 year-old

"Santa Tail"
Gibson Priest - 1st Place

"Where's My Hat"
Jordan Harrison - 2nd Place

"Um Um Good"
Gabe Brogdon - 3rd Place


Funny Category - 18-21 year-old

"Lets Go"
Adam Wall - 1st Place

"Play Mommie Play"
Mary Porter- 2nd Place

"Momma Said to Clean my Nose"
Amanda Gay - 3rd Place

Funny Category - Over 21 year-old

"No More Kisses"
Shelby Corbett - 1st Place

"Hold On Big Brother"
Derek Williams - 2nd Place

"Rollin In the Snow"
Donna Priest - 3rd Place


Landscape Category - 13 and under

"Country Lane"
Morgan Morris - 1st Place

Baylee Steed -2nd Place


Landscape Category - 14-17 year-old

"Lauren's County Farm"
Jordan Harrison - 1st Place

Logan Steed - 2nd Place


"Monroe County Barn"
Madison Baugh - 3rd Place


Landscape Category - 18-21 year-old

"If this Old Barn Could Talk"
Amanda Gay - 1st Place

"Storm Brewing"
Adam Wall - 2nd Place

"The Gathering"
Mary Porter - 3rd Place



Landscape Category - Over 21 year-old

"This Old Fence"
Donna Priest - 1st Place

"A Brisk Winter Morning"
Rene Brogdon - 2nd Place

"Fields Of White"
Christy Bryan - 3rd Place


Livestock Category - 13 and under

"This 'Ole Cow"
Morgan Morris - 1st Place

Joel Noles - 2nd Place



Livestock Category - 14-17 year-old

"Cultural Diversity"
Gabe Brogdon - 1st Place

"Evening Snack"
Jordan Harrison - 2nd Place

Logan Steed - 3rd Place


Livestock Category - 18-21 year-old

"Are You My Mother"
Amanda Gay - 1st Place

"A Hole in One"
Cole Brogdon - 2nd Place


"Picture Perfect"
Shelly Patton - 3rd Place


Livestock Category - Over 21 year-old

Sarah Anderson - 1st Place

"A Walk To Win"
Shelby Corbett- 2nd Place

Donna Priest - 3rd Place