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2010 Photography Contest Photos

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Agriculture and Conservation Category - 13 and under

“White Peaches”
Madison Baugh - 1st place

"The Drive Home"
Gabe Brogdon - 2nd Place

Agriculture and Conservation Category - 14-17 year-old

“Cattle Grazing”
John Reasor - 1st place

"Pumpkins at
Harvest Time"
Cole Brogdon - 2nd Place

"Whispering Pines"
Gibson Priest - 3rd Place

Agriculture and Conservation Category - 21 and up

“Spring Treasures”
Adam Wall - 1st place

“Hide and Seek”
Shelly Patton - 2nd place

Funny Category - 13 and under

"Kissin Cousins"
Gabe Brogdon - 1st Place

"Head Over Heels"
Madison Baugh - 2nd Place

Funny Category - 14-17 year-old

"Laughing Cow"
Cole Brogdon
1st Place

"Friends BamBam & SuzieQ"
Gibson Priest
2nd Place

"A Kick Caught by a Photo"
Logan Steed
3rd Place

Funny Category - 18-21 year-old

"Just a Little Bit Further"
Shelly Patton - 1st Place

"Kissing Cousins"
Adam Wall - 2nd Place

Landscape Category - 13 and under

"Upson Barn"
Madison Baugh - 1st Place

"Our Barn"
Gabe Brogdon - 2nd Place

Landscape Category - 14-17 year-old

"Patriotism on the Farm"
Cole Brogdon
1st Place

"Snow Drive Landscape"
Logan Steed
2nd Place

"Snow On The Farm"
Gibson Priest
3rd Place

Landscape Category - 18-21 year-old

"Powder My Nose"
Shelly Patton - 1st Place

"Entertainment In The Snow"
Adam Wall - 2nd Place

Landscape Category - Adult

"This Old Fence"
Melanie Steed - 1st Place

Livestock Category - 13 and under

“The Wet Nose”
Baylee Steed - 1st Place

“JWR Bulls”
Gabe Brogdon - 2nd Place

“New Year – New Show Baby”
Madison Baugh - 3rd Place

Livestock Category - 14-17 year-old

Gibson Priest - 1st Place

“Calf Head”
John Reasor  - 2nd Place

“Good Green Grass”
Cole Brogdon - 3rd Place

Livestock Category - 18-21 year-old

“The Old Gossips Are At It Again”
Shelly Patton - 1st Place

“Better Than Moms”
Mary Porter - 2nd Place

“Momma Said to Wash Everything”
Adam Wall - 3rd Place

Livestock Category - Adult

Melanie Steed - 1st Place

“Cow Doctorin”
Sarah Anderson - 2nd Place